California- Üretim Çiftliklerine Yasak

More Breaking News – Huge West Hollywood Victory For Dogs and Cats

This week, the West Hollywood, California City Council voted to ban the sale of dogs and cats acquired from puppy/kitten mills. The ordinance passed unanimously, and now pet stores in the city will only be able to display dogs and cats from shelters. Click here to see the CBS story, and click here to see the NBC story.

IDA’s Bill Dyer spoke eloquently in favor of the ordinance, reminding that West Hollywood was the second city to adopt the IDA-recommended “guardian” language instead of “owner,” and also noting that West Hollywood bans de-clawing of cats: “This unprecedented, historic action, in this Guardian city where the de-clawing of cats is also banned, will send a signal throughout our country for others to follow. West Hollywood will always be remembered as the city that had the foresight and compassion to first end the horrible commerce of puppy mills in our society.”


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